Wiring Of 480 Red White Black Green Plug 4 Wire

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Wiring Of 480 Red White Black Green Plug 4 Wire - A red wire in an electrical outlet often indicates a second positive live wire. Generally, electrical socket boxes come with three wires, each of them colored differently: a live black wire, a green or copper ground wire, and a neutral white wire.. The ground wire goes to the green ground screw on the outlet, the white wire goes to a silver screw, the black wire to one of the brass screws, and the red wire to the other brass screw. All of these wires (except for the ground wire if there are other cables in the box) come only from the new 3-wire cable.. The White wire is most likely Line 1 (L1) and the Red wire on the oven will connect to it. The Green wire is likely ground and it would connect to the green wire. But, In order to know for sure I recommend checking the Black, Green and the other unknown wire color with a voltage meter to confirm which wires are Line one and Line two..

Note that the red and black wires are "hot" wires. There is 240 volts of electrical potential between the two hot wires, and 120 volts between either hot wire and the white neutral wire. Green is ground.. A simple standard electrical circuit has a black or red "hot" wire that carries power from the power source to the device (switch, fixture, outlet, appliance, etc.), a white neutral wire that carries the power back to the power source, and a green or bare copper ground wire that connects the device to the home's grounding system.. Jul 18, 2010  · You need to re-wire your service from the plug-in to the breaker or fuse box. The old service was 240 volts only. The new appliance is 120/240. The red and black wires are your lines (120v + 120v = 240v). The white is your neutral for the 120 fan and the green is your appliance ground..

Mar 11, 2011  · So I'm trying to convert the original three wire cord to a 4 wire. The problem I'm running into is, in the original cord, there is a white, black and green wire, and that's it. the new cords has black, white, green, and red. i don't know what I'm supposed to do with the red cord.. Jul 04, 2014  · the big guy has 4 wires, red, green, clear, and uncoated the gold guy has 4 wires, red, black, yellow, white the smaller one, under the big guy has 4 wire, red, black, yellow, and uncoated and the last guy on the right has 3 wires, yellow, red, and uncoated. any help getting these guys wired up would be very grateful .. Nov 07, 2015  · Most lights you buy come with a D/C plug on the end. Well. here is a video on how to remove the plug so all you have are the three required wires to hook into your switch or switch box..

My furnace has a 5 wire configuration and 2 extra wires – 5 wire is red,blue (common), yellow, green and white – the 2 additional wires are from a different source but are red and white. I am installing a Honeywell EIM and it is not powering on.. How to wire up an electrical receptacle: Here we illustrate basic connections seen in the field for the black, white neutral or grounded conductor), and ground wire when hooking up an electrical receptacle (wall plug or "outlet").. If you are wiring for 115V, the three wires to the pool pump will be black, white and green. Attach the white (115 V) wire to terminal 1 of Line 1 (L1). Attach the black wire (0 V) to terminal 3 of Line 2 (L2)..

SUBJECT: LED Light Kits Wiring Information 1. 4” Round Stop/Turn/Tail Light – Includes a 3 wire plug in connector with pigtail wires Ground = White. The new gas cook top needs a 110 volt supply to power the igniters , can I use only the red, or the black wire , plus the white neutral wire for the 110 volts needed, and cap off the other “hot ” lead and replace the receptacle with a standard 15 amp plug receptacle, without changing anything in.

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